Why is the good night sleep so important and how to actually get it?

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Why is the good night sleep so important and how to actually get it?

During the night is when a person’s body and mind regenerate and get the energy needed to face the challenges of the following day. It is a well-known fact that sleep helps us “recharge the batteries” and maintain a good appearance without dark circles under our eyes. But night rest goes above and beyond that. While we sleep is when we detoxify ourselves, relax and release the stress stored during the long active hours. What is more, it is scientifically proven that adequate sleep has an impact on a human’s long term and short term memory. In a matter of fact, when people have an adequate night rest after studying a large amount of information, they digest it more easily, remember more and consequently learn better.

Good night sleep is crucial for building and boosting both our mental and physical health and consequently improving our general wellbeing.

In spite of that, many people still underestimate the value of deep sleep. Sleep deficiency causes symptoms such as moodiness and irritation but might also lead to chronic depression. In terms of our physical condition, consciously deciding to deprive ourselves of our much-needed rest can bring about even more significant damages. Lack of sleep worsens our brain and heart function, has a negative impact on our blood sugar levels and blood pressure and can even result in some serious diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Sleeping more seems a logical solution of the problem but it does not only end up there.

Good night rest is not just about how long we sleep, it is about the quality of sleep. Having a soothing sleeping environment, a comfortable mattress, a gentle blanket and a pillow that keeps you in the correct sleeping position is just indispensable. But why not take it to the next level? Currently, there are so many products on the market that aim at improving your sleep conditions but there is one that catches the eye with its simplicity and innovativeness at the same time. And this is Shisharca, a pillow which is not just comfortable but brings nature into your home. Shisharca is hypoallergenic linen pillow filled with thin pine shavings that diffuse a fresh calming scent throughout the whole night. It is perfect for people who search for a different, a more pleasant and peaceful experience during sleep. Shisharca is a pillow which will ensure that every breath you take while you sleep is going to fill your body with a pure forest aroma.

So, what are you waiting for? Take care of yourself! Indulge yourself because you are the one who inhabits your own body. Love it and make sure you do not deprive it of something as essential as high-quality night rest.

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