Shisharca – the pillow that will help you stop feeling sleep deprived

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Shisharca – the pillow that will help you stop feeling sleep deprived

Nowadays people are leading a hectic lifestyle and good quality sleep seems to be underestimated and set aside for “another time”. Busy people tend to ignore not only the necessary hours of night rest but also forget that the comfortable bed and pillow, as well as the surrounding atmosphere in the room, are crucial. Many people who claim that they spend enough time sleeping still suffer from chronic fatigue, loss of concentration, bad memory and stress. It turns out that it is not only the insufficient sleep that causes these symptoms but the (bad) conditions in which we sleep.


The state of mind of the person, the body position, the temperature in the room and of course the pillow, the bed and the blanket are key factors in getting a good night rest. From all of the above mentioned, there are two elements that almost always remain the same and have a huge influence on the sleep quality, namely the bed and the pillow. If people still realise that the bed is fundamental in order to relax during the night, they seem to underrate the importance of the comfortable pillow.

Pillows help keeping the head and the rest of the body aligned and prevent bad sleeping position. What is more, they get in direct contact with people’s skin and have an impact on their sense of smell. A high-quality pillow adapts to the form of the human body and holds the neck in the correct position, not too high or too low, thus improving regeneration during sleep. But that is what every pillow with the right size and softness can do and Shisharca is not an ordinary pillow. It is a 100% natural linen pillow stuffed with pine shavings that will enable you to reach a deep relaxation sleep.


Shisharca is anti-allergenic and will not irritate your skin or heat your head too much. Just the opposite, it will give you a nice cool and fresh feeling throughout the whole night. The pillow is specifically tailored to the needs of the city dweller who has an urgent necessity of getting back in touch with the natural world more often. The pinewood diffuses a calming fragrance that diminishes stress and soothes the mind and the body. Continuously inhaling this natural aroma has a myriad of benefits. It boosts your mental health and makes you more productive and energetic. Shisharca is not just comfortable, it introduces peacefulness to your life and contributes to your general wellbeing.

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