A guideline on how to choose the right pillow for you

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A guideline on how to choose the right pillow for you

It does not matter whether you are an early bird or a night owl, sleep is a key factor in every person’s life. Although people spend about one-third of their life napping, they seem not to put enough attention on the quality of their sleep. They should be, because regardless of whether they admit it or not, sleep does have an influence on people’s mood, appearance, health, personal relationships and consequently on their whole existence.

In order to improve the quality of our sleep, we should first improve our sleep environment. And there is not such an inseparable part of our sleeping room as the pillow. It does not only satisfy our necessity of hugging something while we sleep, it is the symbol of napping. Every pillow has different characteristics and thus caters to distinct personal needs. Here are the three main elements you should consider when you are choosing a new pillow:

The size

The size of the pillow is crucial in order to keep your head in line with your spine. You should opt for a pillow size that will fit your personal body type, shape and of course size. It goes without saying that a pillow that is comfortable for a large man will not be suitable for a child or a woman. That is why Shisharca comes in two sizes: a big one which is 70/50cm or 27/20in and a small one that is 60/40cm or 23/16in. Thus, Shisharca can serve everyone’s needs.


The filling

The filling has an impact not only on the softness and the volume of the pillow but also on the way we feel it. There are three main types of fillings: feather, memory foam and polyester. In general, feathers are used by people who enjoy the soft, heating feeling of the pillow. Others opt for memory foam since it can adapt to more body shapes and sleeping styles. For price sensitive people who do not put that much emphasis on their pillow, there is a polyester filling which is a more standard and cheaper material. For everyone else who wants a more unusual and calming feeling of the pillow, there is Shisharca. It is stuffed with natural pine flakes that diffuse a fresh scent of trees and have a cooling effect on a person’s skin and head.

Sleeping position

If you sleep mostly on your side then you are going to need a thicker and denser pillow to ensure your head is aligned with your body. If you are a back sleeper then a thinner pillow will have an optimal effect in keeping your neck in a proper position. If you enjoy sleeping on your stomach an almost flat pillow will be suitable. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you need time to get used to your new pillow. If after 10 nights you still do not find it comfortable, change it for a different one. The nice thing about Shisharca is that you can always take out a part of the pine filling out and adjust the height of the pillow to your sleep position, body shape and personal preferences.

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